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I was recently at my parents house and quickly did a mini session for each parent. These photos perfectly describe my parents and I am happy without they turned out. Next time I am going to do a session with them together to show another part of their story.

My mom seems to have a harder 'New Yorker' shell. Yet she is the most caring and loving person I know. I truly believe one of the ways she shows her love is by giving to others. Not a holiday or life event goes by without her giving a gift. From the big to the small events in life, I can bet on my mom acknowledging it somehow. I am talking everything such as when I got braces in middle school and she gave me a whole cookie bouquet of smiles with braces on them. I get calls all the time from her at garage sales asking if I want something she found for someone in the family and even more often she just has a pile of stuff for me at her house ready for me to pick up (coupons, magazines, toys/stickers/games for the boys, clippings of stories she things I will like from the newspaper). Somehow we usually leave her house with with the car a little more filled than when we arrived.

One of my favorite things she has given to me, well the boys rather, are handmade knit blankets. For each baby she picks out a new pattern (which is a whole agonizing process of which pattern I want) and makes a gorgeous blanket. She also makes the babies a cute baby hat and eventually a sweater (another agonizing process of finding a sweater pattern I like for them!). It would be so easy to go to the store and pick out something for the babies (which she does plenty of that too!) but she spends her time and love making special blankets for each of her grandbabies. She also make these blankets for family and dear friends who have babies, who are all lucky to receive such a beautiful gift. Here she is working on her latest blanket and I love the pattern for this. If a blanket in my size wouldn't literally be so heavy, I would request one for myself!

Part Two of the session is blogged HERE!

My dad is an amazingly creative person. He has been writing poetry since he was young (perhaps before I was born??) and loves art, music, and playing the guitar. Brad loving calls him The Renaissance Man. My parents built a workshop in their backyard several years ago, and given the fact he is a garage sale junkie with mild pack-rat qualities, this workshop is filled to the brim with...stuff. This is where my dad works on his paintings and sculptures (that fill the house and now line the fences in the backyard along with filling my home and my sisters' homes), woodwork, poetry, and his music. My dad has those creative thoughts that I do not possess and always seems to have very insightful things to say about pretty much anything that comes up in conversation. When I visited him in the workshop, he was building a frame for his latest painting. My favorite thing about these photos was capturing what the atmosphere is like in the workshop. There is literally not an empty spot around the entire building and each item must have been an inspiration to my dad, or is going to be at some point, even though he might just say 'it looked cool' if you asked why he had a particular item. I mean, I don't think I could find another place in which a seemingly random assortment of stuff was gathered. My favorite part of the workshop were the photos of my mom, myself, and my sisters, in particular the old photo of my mom he turned into a piece of art, perhaps his first muse. He has been retired for about a year and I think he is in heaven being able to have access to this space anytime he wants.

If you want to see the photos of them as they went antiquing and lunching, go HERE for the part 2 of the session.

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  1. LOVE this post of us!! I smiled and got teary when reading it. I love you so very much.