Friday Favs

This week's favorite pictures were from testing out my new camera. I finally splurged and bought a Canon 6D and so far I am loving it! Since my hubby will be gone next week, I will be spending lots of time testing out all the features!


Lake Trip | dfw storytelling photographer

My sister and I took our families to the lake recently for a little fun. As I have mentioned, I live less than 5 miles away from the lake which is amazing for having three boys. Although the boys complained about having to go to the lake, I think they quickly changed their tune when we arrived!


Photography Tips & Tutorials

My sisters and recently started a facebook group in which we had monthly challenges. These challenge range from eating healthy to cutting spending for a month. We kind of took the month of January off, but you are interested you should come check us out HERE! One month I led the challenge on learning more about photography. Being that I love photography, that was my favorite month...and the cutting spending month because we saved a TON of money then! So, I thought I would link up some of my old tutorials for you guys today for anyone who is interested in learning some basics of photography.

--Shooting at Different Angles (This is one of my favorite tips for photography!)


--Leading Lines

--Cropping and Rule of Thirds

--Telling Story without Faces

--Triangles & Diagonals

--Shooting in Manual Indoors

--Playing with Light

--Shooting in Manual Outdoors

--Choosing Focus Points

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Friday Favs

It's Friday, so you know what that means...Friday Favs!!! Woohoo!

My sweet John John taking a rest at the park. For some reason he usually keeps his helmet on while running around at the park.

The favorite part of a hair cut is the lollipop afterwards. I am always nervous about the check out part because they run out of lollipops often in which case the boys are extremely disappointed!

A trip to the lake- on the way there the boys were complaining they didn't want to go. Their faces tell otherwise.

Explorations at the old barn with cousins.


Featured Photo | dfw storytelling photographer

I am in a facebook group called Fantastically Flawed. As the name implies, they celebrate photos that although are flawed in some way, they have a fabulous way about it. Well, when we went to the lake last weekend and I took pictures of the boys, this one of John was completely out of focus (which is easily to do when you are shooting towards the sun!). I thought it looked so cool though so I submitted it to the week's contest. Well, much to my HUGE surprise, this photo was picked as one of the favorites! I AM SO EXCITED! It is literally straight out of camera- no editing or anything. Here is the photo and check out THIS link to see the other photographs!


The Barn Session | dfw storytelling photographer

My sister bought a 'new' house. Really they bought a lot of land and they are going to tear down the house and barn on the property. When she posted a picture on facebook of them working on clearing out the brush and mess around the barn, I KNEW my sisters and I had to go there with the kiddos and take pictures before the barn came down. These are quite possibly some of my favorite pictures. I love all the texture the old barn gives as the kids were happily playing with each other (and with the old horse poop). I also love that the photos capture what our typical days are like. While we may not be playing around an old barn all the time, the cousins are often together and I love that they are growing up together. These photos are freezing these relationships between sweet cousins.


Friday Favs

This week was a typical week with my boys: trips to the library, playing with legos, waiting for the next Star Wars movie to come in the mail to watch at night with Daddy, trips to the park when the weather FINALLY started to warm up, and of course tickles with Daddy. What a laid back life we have right now and I am thankful for it!