Photography Tips & Tutorials

My sisters and recently started a facebook group in which we had monthly challenges. These challenge range from eating healthy to cutting spending for a month. We kind of took the month of January off, but you are interested you should come check us out HERE! One month I led the challenge on learning more about photography. Being that I love photography, that was my favorite month...and the cutting spending month because we saved a TON of money then! So, I thought I would link up some of my old tutorials for you guys today for anyone who is interested in learning some basics of photography.

--Shooting at Different Angles (This is one of my favorite tips for photography!)


--Leading Lines

--Cropping and Rule of Thirds

--Telling Story without Faces

--Triangles & Diagonals

--Shooting in Manual Indoors

--Playing with Light

--Shooting in Manual Outdoors

--Choosing Focus Points

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