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I am in a fabulous local MOMS club and somehow was convinced to be a board member last year. I am fairly certain they left out major details of the job before I agreed, such as how I was a main contributor to planning ALL the monthly meetings for the whole club. You know, small details like that. However, I have really enjoyed being on the board for the past two years and have loved getting know those ladies more. So, this week we had one of our board meetings at Market Street (because they serve adult beverages there!) where we planned the big stuff for the next couple months: Mom's Night Out, meeting topics, children outings, meals for people having new babies, etc. I found it interesting that of the members at the meeting, we had moms at various stages of those child-rearing years: One with a newborn, one with another on the way, two with toddlers and preschoolers, and one (ME!) with an oldest already in elementary school. I love that the kids grow up together and the moms bond over all the different challenges we are given while raising our precious kiddos. But mostly I love being with other moms and building those friendships...and having adult beverages at board meetings. :)

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