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I have naturally curly hair which, while pretty and relatively easy to style, means I need to get my hair cut by someone who specializes in curly hair. I found my stylist Claudia from The Styling Hutch in Plano, TX over ten years ago and she does a fabulous job with my hair. I have since moved to Flower Mound Texas, but I make a trip back once or twice a year for her to cut my hair because I don't trust these curls with anyone else! She asked a couple of us ladies to come to the salon today to get our hair and make up done for a mini photo shoot. Being that I am around boys all day, every day, I thought I might take her up on the offer of being girly for an hour or so. So, I got my hair styled, make up done, took a couple pics...done and done! Of course, being the crazy photographer, I had to try to capture the experience and tell my story through pictures. This was a tad difficult since I couldn't move much and was basically confined to what I pictures I could get sitting in a chair. I didn't even get a final picture! (mainly because I was embrassed to take a ANOTHER picture of myself in the mirror! ha!) However, I am not letting this cute hair go to waste...I am taking the fam to the lake for dinner and a little family photo session. I will post those soon!

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