Hello, Baby! | Flower Mound Newborn Photographer

A friend of mine asked if I would take photos of her daughters at the hospital meeting their brand new baby sister when she was born. So last week was the big day at Texas Health Presbyterian and this family was the most precious family ever! The big sisters were incredibly sweet and loving not only to the new baby but towards their parents as well. I absolutely loved seeing this family dynamic. Being with them for even just an hour showed how close they were and I could easily see each unique relationship. Both girls were so sweet, caring, and loving with mom yet silly, goofy, and loving with dad. More importantly the two big sisters were enthralled with their new baby sister.  I really think this is shown in the million photos I took of them that hour in the hospital. What a lucky baby to be born into this family! I also enjoyed this style of newborn photography- very candid and real which is what my style is all about.

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